Summer 2023

Staying focused sounds okay in theory, but what about in reality? In reality, there's always a storm raging, and it's loud.

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Spring 2023

Here we are, impatient that something may finally move forward, without realizing that this is already happening. It is like a seed that you plant in the ground, so that one day a plant may grow from it. For a long time, nothing can be seen on the surface of the earth. The seed must first germinate. With time, the fine roots stretch out and dig through the soil. They become stronger and do their job as providers for the plant. Only when they are well anchored in the soil can the plant move upward. It breaks through the surface of the soil and appears as a tender plantlet. It needs water from above and nutrients from the soil to thrive.

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Winter 2022/2023

An ice-cold wind is blowing. It seems to me that the earlier rest only served to recharge the batteries. This statement can be taken either pessimistically or realistically.

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Autumn 2022

My absence from the working world feels like an eternity ago, and yet so far it has passed as quickly as the blink of an eye.

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The bee rescue operation - Part 1

The day has already started a little differently than usual. I still kept my To Do List in mind, but every time I wanted start, just something little jumped into it and interrupted my doing. Every single time it was only a thing in no time fixed.

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That's me!

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thoughts with me!

First of all, I am just a young woman with a passion for writing.

I'm sure it's no coincidence that I've been interessted in stories, writing and different languages since I was very young.


Today I use my passion to share my sometimes unusual, but always extraordinary experiences of my daily live and my faith.


I'm a Swiss citizen, mother of a awsome boy and I am working on my first book.


I am very glad you came to visite my blog.

I hope you enjoy reading the posts as much as I enjoyed writing them down.