At this point, it is okay to ask if there is an attention deficit. To deny this would probably be close to lying.

The point is, however, that God can make out of anything, something great, wonderful and unique.

On that day, he used my jumpiness a meandering thinking not only to save that wild bee from drowning, but also to show me something through it and gave me another assurance.


At this point it is not simply finished. No, because it allows me to share this story with you.

It can touch the life heart of as many people as this story is shared.

I can literally see the discussions coming up, so I have to add something.

I don’t mean that it is absolutely okay to be permanently distracted. Because it is not.

Distractions can also prevent a lot of good things from happening.


To me, it’s important to emphasize that you weigh well where you simply need to stay focused and disciplined, and where being briefly distracted doesn’t cause the end of the world.


If I let myself be uninhibitedly distracted by everything, there wouldn’t be no blog, nor post you are reading.

# His timing is perfect
# Don’t worry for nothing
# Everything work for his good