The day has already started a little differently than usual. I still kept my To Do List in mind, but every time I wanted start, just something little jumped into it and interrupted my doing. Every single time it was only a thing in no time fixed.

Even the moment I was about to go outside. I took my jacket from the wardrob and in that moment I turned to go, I noticed the open balcony door. For we have been well teached to close and lock up doors and windows before leaving, and also because in winter it makes no sense to let them open for longer than needed to air the apartment. Not only because of the energy crisis over all the world.

As I closed the balcony door I looked at my spring flowers out there. Beautiful how they have grown, their leaves in a rich green. But the earth in the pot seems to be dry, I was saying to myself. So I decided to just quickly watering them. Suddenly, I was distracted for a second time in a short while from what I was actually doing.

The yellow watering can was right beside the pot. Usually there is a rest of water in there.


I reached out my hand for it, and stopped it right away.

There was nothing wrong with the watering can. But in the water swam something dark, hairy, gold and black striped.

It moved his front leg very weak, as if it would cry for help with his last breath.

Immediately I grabbed a brinch from the ground and held it out very carefully to the drowning wild bee.

Quick as flash, she clutched the wood with her legs and I gently moved her to one of the flowerpots.


Now I could take a closer look to the little animal:

It was a magnificent male “Osmia Cornuta”, a horned mason bee which belongs to the family of wild bees.

to be continued ...