I could not possibly leave this beautiful specimen on my balcony just because I was about to leave.

I had to get my camera and take some pictures!

At tuning on the camera, the battery icon was already flashing red. Well, I would just take pictures as long the battery lasted.


The wild bee recovered quite quickly, enjoyed a few rays of sunlight that came out in this very moment.


Indeed, she scrambled for a moment where the sun was shining and let herself dry!

After a while she recovered her power and explored courageous my cut back lemon verbena.

During this time I photographed nonstop and partly I came her with the lens quite close.

Nevertheless, she showed herself from her most beautiful side and didn’t seem to be disturbed. Once she even looked cheekily into the camera, as if she were a born shooting star.

Hallelujah, the battery lasted a pretty longtime!


After the battery then gave herself to its exhaustion, I returned to my original plan.

As I locked the apartment door and left, I thought about the fact that I could probably save the bee in the last second, although I had no intention of going out on the balcony this morning.

Once again, the circumstances that met were perfectly aligned.

While it is considered normal in the world to say that chance wanted it that way, I am sure that God had arranged it that was and conducted the whole thing like a big orchestra.

to be continued ...