Here we are, impatient that something may finally move forward, without realizing that this is already happening. It is like a seed that you plant in the ground, so that one day a plant may grow from it. For a long time, nothing can be seen on the surface of the earth. The seed must first germinate. With time, the fine roots stretch out and dig through the soil. They become stronger and do their job as providers for the plant. Only when they are well anchored in the soil can the plant move upward. It breaks through the surface of the soil and appears as a tender plantlet. It needs water from above and nutrients from the soil to thrive.

Briefly explained: The path first goes down to anchor itself, and then it begins what we would consider "its work," which is to grow upward and begin to bloom.
With this I want to say that something is moving even when we think nothing is happening. In so many things we simply have no insight, or we see only a small piece instead of the big whole picture.

Even though I should have learned by now that it's okay to take time off, I can't claim that it's always that easy to accept.

Again and again the stubbornness comes and means that it must go now forward. It was quite nice to take a break here, but the world keeps on turning and for me, too, it should finally go on.

Yes, a lot has changed since last July. And some things shouldn't go back to the way they used to be.


You may be wondering what it has been like to survive these days since July?


It has been a struggle. Every single day.

And yet the rock in my branding has remained immovable. That is my faith that has carried me through all these storms.

Even when I felt lost, I knew I was not alone. The certainty that there is a reason that I have to go through this time, gave me strength to hold on until the end.

I didn't like having to go through it, but I know it wasn't in vain.

And we know [with great confidence] that God [who is deeply concerned about us] causes all things to work together [as a plan] for good for those who love God, to those who are called according to His plan and purpose.

Romans 8,28 AMP

This may sound like it was me-and-my-God-alone-against-the-world in these situations. But that is not true. Even though my faith is the immovable rock, I had people around me who fought with me and were there for me. Sometimes I still face struggles today. To have community with others is absolutely necessary!

Even though the right change is always a painful process, I agreed to go this way. Again and again I came across the example of the diamond. The rock in which the rough diamond is found is not a feast for the eyes and it must be broken open with great force. But in it there is something that has been defined as extremely precious. A rough diamond does not yet have the same radiant beauty as one that has already been worked. With cutting and shaping, it then attains its final beauty and its correspondingly high value. However, this cutting and shaping requires processing with a lot of pressure. Without this change can not take place.

For King & Country sing in their song Control: No, I'm no Superman, this is my confession.


In my case, it would be called Superwoman. For a very long time I really believed I was Superwoman and could do everything on my own. Finally it made me and my knees had to bend.


Like Peter in the first part of this series, I sank when my eyes were no longer on the one who brings the water of life.